Tournament Results

2nd Annual ACOP Fireworks Shootout - Overland Park, KS - June 23, 2007

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Men’s Open:

1st :  Grant Barker

2nd:  Bradly Rogers

Cons. :  Travis Mettenbrink

 Men’s Open Doubles:

1st :  Dan Pflaster/Kevin Buehler

2nd:  Grant Barker/Bradly Rogers


Men’s A:

1st :  Richard McCroskey

2nd :  Rick McKinney

Cons:  Dan Smith

Men’s B:  

1st:  Patrick Nugent

2nd:  Tony Hill

Cons.:  Cory Caviar

Men’s C:

1st:  Chance Briscoe

2nd:  Daniel Pilliard

Cons:  Ron Marchisio

Men’s A Doubles:

1st :  Jim Brane/Brian Ahern

2nd :  Armand Way/Richard Bocanegra

Cons:  Mike Solary/Tony Totta

Men’s B Doubles:

1st:  Mike Solary/Tony Totta

2nd:  Kallen Leak/Kevin Leak

Cons:  Levi Chappell/Sonny Chappell


1st:  Elizabeth Selaya

2nd:  Nara Agayev

Cons:  Julie Heitkamp